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Apple’s second-gen Magic Trackpad hits its best price in months

Happy hump day, readers! We’ve got a few good deals today to help you power through the midweek slump. First up, Apple’s white Magic Trackpad is on sale for $103.99 ($25 off) at Amazon and Target, which is the best discount we’ve seen this year. The trackpad offers a wide glass surface so you can more comfortably scroll through websites on your Mac, iPad, or even Windows device. At the same time, the trackpad is so much more than just a very spacious extra mouse but is an accessory that also allows you to perform additional time-saving actions. That’s thanks to support for customizable gesture controls and Apple’s Force Touch technology, so you can, say, use your fingers to quickly zoom into an article or simply hard-click on an address to find it in Maps.

You’re in luck if you were hoping for a good console deal today. Right now, we found not one — but two — deals on both the Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s start with the Xbox Series X: you still have a chance at buying the next-gen console for $449.99 ($50 off) at Verizon. That’s a rare deal on the Series X, which is larger and more powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox Series S. It’s also more capable, with support for 4K gaming and a built-in disc drive so you can play digital and physical games, including upcoming next-gen titles like Bethesda’s Starfield.

If you’re looking to amp up your home security, right now, the Wyze Cam Floodlight is on sale for $63.99 ($36 off) at Wyze, which marks a new all-time low price. This is our favorite budget-friendly option, one with a 1080p camera and 2600 lumens of brightness. It also features some unique perks like sound detection, which is something more expensive rivals lack, and an extra USB port for powering up a second camera. Just be mindful that you’ll have to pay $2 a month for smart alerts for people, packages, animals, and vehicles. Also, since the cameras work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use them to control the lights.

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