Crafting Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas For Onboarding Software

Crafting Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas for Onboarding Software

What Makes Lead Magnet Ideas Great?

Lead magnet ideas are usually associated with the top funnel stage but, in reality, can be utilized throughout the sales journey to gather customer information. Someone may not proceed to purchase a product, but they fill out your form for a free trial or eBook, meaning that you can include them in your strategic marketing plan. What makes a lead magnet good, though? First of all, your free offering must function as a preview of your product’s usability for potential customers. This way, they might discover the issue they’re facing and the necessity of finding a solution. Remember not to underestimate warm leads. Despite not being ready to make a purchase yet, they surely are interested in your offerings. As long as you’re targeting the right audience that fits your buyer personas, you can maintain nurturing relationships and slowly push them toward your sales funnel.

Some of the most successful lead generation techniques resonate with the customer and their emerging needs. This step requires extensive research on your part, as you’ll need to gather insights regarding your industry’s hot topics. Additionally, don’t attach strings to your free offering. Make it easy for anyone to enjoy their gift while piquing their curiosity and pushing them to take further action. Your content should be easily digestible and comprehensible so you can decrease lead time as much as possible and gather instant success leads. You don’t want to overly rush customers to make a purchase and appear pushy. Your B2B marketing strategy should be timely, presenting all the offers and special discounts your audience can benefit from. Lastly, a great lead magnet should be easy to deliver on autopilot so you don’t take up too much of your daily calendar.

How To Create Engaging Lead Magnet Ideas

Identify Your Audience

Content marketing experts know how to create a lead magnet. The first step is to craft your buyer personas and appeal to their needs and pain points. Your target audience can consist of multiple customer profiles, and you may need to prepare various lead magnet ideas to cater to all of them separately. For instance, someone who is now starting a career in your business sector might be interested in learning material, including eBooks, podcasts, and webinars. On the other hand, a successful company that is busy handling administrative tasks may be interested in templates and other marketing tools. Take a look at what your competitors are doing to gather content marketing ideas. Check your own content, too, and identify which posts and tools have worked successfully in generating leads.

Find A Great Design

Now that you know who you’re targeting and what their needs are, you can proceed to create your lead magnet. Most conglomerates have in-house designers who craft everything from scratch. However, free online tools may be ideal for small business content marketing efforts. You can also choose to outsource your magnet’s design to an independent contractor whose work you think fits your needs. Give as many details as possible, as you can’t expect outsiders to know exactly what you require. After the design is complete, you need to name your magnet. The title should be catchy and mention the benefits of your product or service.

Create Your Conversion Path

Your conversion path consists of a few things, such as a landing page, a thank-you page after each registration, fill-in forms, and email marketing. Through landing page optimization, you offer your buyers a static page of your offering without a navigation bar. You should also include a powerful and clear CTA that appeals to all different buyer personas. Add reviews and testimonials to safeguard your credibility and build trust. Don’t require too much information in your forms, as the more details you ask, the more likely it is to lose your leads. Names and emails are enough to begin your email sequence, where you include your discount magnet. You may also add dofollow backlinks that lead to your website and offer additional information.

Update Regularly

Implementing lead magnet ideas does not have to be a one-time thing. They can be recurring events throughout the years. This means that lead magnet specialists need to monitor them closely and apply timely updates. For instance, you may create a landing page regarding your onboarding software’s success in 2023. Once 2024 rolls in, you need to update your stats to prove that your product remains relevant. You may even include comments and reviews from your customers as evidence of its usefulness, thus accelerating growth organically.

10 High-Converting Lead Magnet Ideas

1. Giveaways

One of the easiest lead magnet ideas is to organize a giveaway. But how can you guarantee qualified leads? Instead of posting the contest on your social media first, create a lead magnet landing page for your product and add the social media link inside. This way, you ensure that participants are truly interested in your business and not only in your free offering. Unless you gather potential buyers’ email addresses, giveaways are nothing but wasted money. Examples of lead magnet offerings include free trials, heavily discounted subscriptions to your services, early bird discounts, free shipping on all orders, and gift cards.

2. eBooks

One of the best lead magnet examples is eBooks and detailed product and service guides, as they are great for driving traffic to business websites and increasing conversion rates. If you don’t know how to write an eBook, think of them as a few separate articles bundled into one bigger project. Not only do they inform and educate audiences about important matters in your field, but they also help you position yourself as an industry expert. eBooks don’t have to be overly long and filled with unnecessary, empty words. You can strive for 2,000+ words and include valuable information you know your target audience is thirsty to consume.

3. Tools

To position yourself as one of the best content marketing agencies, you must offer buyers actionable ways to generate leads and increase sales. Lead magnet examples often include free tools that simplify tasks and don’t require users to know how to code. You may have stumbled upon magnets like cookie flavor generators and digital store name generators. Offering professionals assistance to improve their conversion rates builds a great reputation and proves that your services are working. At the same time, you increase traffic to your website and landing page.

4. Webinars And Workshops

Another popular lead magnet idea is organizing a webinar or online workshop. On both occasions, you have the opportunity to link up with your audience, offer invaluable insights, and answer their questions in real time without delay. You may even host a webinar as a launch party for a new product and showcase its features and technicalities to interested parties. Online workshops or demonstrations help you put your service to work. This means that you should do extensive iterative testing before your event to ensure your product is up-to-date and won’t malfunction during the live stream.

5. Research Reports

To create a lead magnet like this one, you must do substantial research on a trending topic and methodically prove why your product can be of great service. It may take months to complete a research report, as you’ll need to gather hundreds of opinions, remove incorrect sections, and extract your unique insights. Case studies can also be utilized along with research reports or on their own. It could be a blog post or interview where a customer discusses their great experience with your product. People tend to trust companies more when they hear real testimonials. Just make sure to receive permission from the client before publicizing their story.

6. Online Courses

Onboarding software relies heavily on online courses, so this lead magnet idea is pivotal for any marketing plan template. However, courses are very time-consuming and difficult to create, as you need to write an intriguing and informative script, record the lessons and different stages, edit the material, and publish it on your LMS or a video-sharing platform. It’s best to create a balance between written texts and small videos to keep your audiences engaged. This lead magnet is great for B2B companies since you’re offering both practical information and evidence of the effectiveness of your service.

7. Communities

Don’t think that building and maintaining an active and thriving community is an easy feat. Whether you’re using Facebook groups, Slack, LinkedIn, Telegram, or Discord, you must communicate with your clients and moderate conversations. Professionals need to feel like you are listening to their needs, worries, and goals while also offering actionable advice. They also feel empowered discussing these matters with others in the same industry. Be open to receiving everyone’s feedback and act on it to improve yourself. This way, you can gain their trust and generate more leads.

8. Free Consultation

Remember the webinars that you organized to get acquainted with your audience? They are a great place to identify potential customers who show increased interest and are almost ready to convert. Reach out to them and propose a free consultation via phone or video call. Your conversation should be short and highly targeted. Ask them about their challenges and highlight how your product can help them overcome any obstacle. You may also use consultations as a lead magnet to gain buyers’ interest. Even if someone has no idea who you are, they can get a sense of your expertise through a 15-minute-long call.

9. Referral Programs

Most B2B marketing strategies utilize referrals to increase visibility and accelerate reach through word of mouth. Lead magnet marketing can reward existing or future customers by offering referral discounts or gifts. For instance, many companies provide discounts on a customer’s next purchase or free swag for every new member they recruit. If you have new onboarding software coming out, inform your existing customers about your referral program. Let them know that everyone who submits their information on your landing page will receive a discount for their next purchase. Even if some people don’t buy, at least you’ll have their email addresses.

10. Quizzes

One of the most interactive and fun lead magnet ideas is quizzes. You must have stumbled upon questions like, “Which song would you be?” or “Which country fits your personality?” Based on people’s answers, you segment them and locate them in different sales funnels. Therefore, you can personalize your messaging for each group and cater to their unique needs and preferences. Such a practice helps you measure your content marketing performance more accurately, as your results are highly targeted.

How To Create Great Promotion Strategies

Promotional Banners

We already mentioned how pivotal it is to create a functional landing page. But how do you promote your special offering, though, using your main website? While you can include your landing page in your blog posts, you may also create a banner and place it all over your website. You should place these banners in the middle of high-performing blog posts, on every sidebar, in a promotional widget, and as a CTA button. Make sure your banner is eye-catching with bright colors and an insightful message. It should be simple while communicating your main points. Pop-ups are a similar lead magnet idea that strengthens marketing funnels and informs potential buyers about product launches and special discounts. Keep them short, and don’t ask for anything more than an email address.

Social Media

If you’re wondering how to become an influencer in your field, social media is your first stop. Use your profile to update your audience regarding your offerings and products. You can utilize regular posts, paid ads, and even add your special offer as your header. You may add the text “Click here to download” to your header. When people click on it, they’ll be able to find the link in your post. Pin your offer at the top of your page so interested parties can easily locate it. You can also go on live streams to give additional information and answer your audience’s questions. However, make sure you choose the right time for all these actions, depending on your target audience’s location. You can also write articles on LinkedIn or promote your landing page and other links in a simple post to drive traffic to your lead magnet funnel.

Email Marketing

How does your content marketing campaign proceed after you’ve gained your leads’ email addresses? It’s time to start crafting engaging promotional emails, including your products, services, free offerings, and special discounts for your audience. Arrange a weekly newsletter where you inform potential buyers and existing customers of everything you have to offer. If you have a new product launch, send a teaser email to drive anticipation and pique people’s curiosity. Using memes and infographics is a great way to do that. Additionally, when someone registers for your newsletter, send them a thank-you email, including a strong CTA. Don’t forget to add your unique signature at the bottom of the email so customers can locate you on social media.


Traditional in-person conferences and business events are valuable lead magnet ideas and also a wonderful opportunity to meet professionals in your industry and promote your services and products. This is a great small business marketing strategy, as beginners in the field need to foster relationships and put their brand out in the open. By doing so, you can exchange referrals with other companies and support each other’s promotion efforts. You can be even more traditional in your endeavors and print business cards with your company’s name and the URL of your website or landing page.

Blog Posts And Videos

Don’t confine your lead magnet idea to your landing page and social media posts. Instead, write blog posts and add links to the landing page to increase traffic organically. Most successful B2B lead generation strategies follow this step, as it targets people who visit your website mainly to read blog posts. However, you should be gentle in your promotional approach. Try to craft an interesting story around the subject of your lead magnet. This way, readers feel intrigued and want to read more. You can follow the same tactic with videos. Keep them short, only one or two minutes long, and insert them in the middle of your blog posts or as pop-ups around your website. Simply inform audiences about your product and where they should click to learn more.

Key Takeaways

No trustworthy SaaS B2B marketing guide can be complete without highlighting the necessity of implementing lead magnet ideas into your promotional efforts. But how do you create a lead magnet that is unique and stands out from the competition? Generic content is everywhere, so you must make your content and offerings exclusive. Don’t overpromise regarding your product’s benefits, but instead, be accurate and honest so you can build credibility. Gather expert opinions and research data that further support your work and prove why you’re trustworthy. B2B lead magnets must be engaging, meaning their format should be easy to consume. So, why not ask for the help of a digital marketing pro to help you out?

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