Department of Justice Awards Scientology Volunteer Ministers and L. Ron Hubbard for Humanitarian Work in South Africa

L. Ron Hubbard is presented with a distinguished trophy to honor his dedication to humanity and the immense effort put in by the Scientology Voluntary Ministers.

KYALAMI, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, 21 March 2023 / LinkDaddy News / In acknowledgment of L. Ron Hubbard The tireless effort and selfless dedication to helping humanity and the vast work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers during the entire pandemic at the end of the weekend, the Gauteng Department of Justice presented the most prestigious award which was a wooden hand-held gavel mounted with a sound block in recognition of L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. The award was presented for the sanitization of all the courts throughout the province, allowing them to keep the justice system functioning even during the lockdown.

“Mr. Hubbard’s Voluntary Ministers program and his heroic volunteers ensured that everyone could get the justice that is fair, even during these most difficult moments that the Lockdown Covid-19 has brought.”

— Gauteng Department of Justice

The event was held in The L. Ron Hubbard House on Linksfield Ridge A landmark location, that was once L. Ron Hubbard’s residence when was located in South Africa in 1960. The house was used to provide a formal setting for the presentation of the prestigious award.

the-prestigious-trophy-from-theIn his address presenting the award, Ms. Mmanoko Makgopyaa, a high-ranking executive of the Gauteng Department of Justice said, “L. Ron Hubbard’s research and inventions have saved lives in the co-infection. The late Mr. Hubbard’s Voluntary Ministers program as well as the exemplary volunteers ensured that people could get the justice that was fair even during these difficult moments that the Lockdown Covid-19 was causing. They protected us and provided us with peace of mind.”

The etched plaque, which was erected on the trophy, reads the following “Mr. L. Ron Hubbard is recognized for his selfless dedication and unwavering contribution to Mankind and for who his Scientology Volunteer Ministers offered constant assistance throughout and following the Covid-19 pandemic. They made justice accessible to all as a fundamental constitutional human right. The award comes from the Gauteng Department of Justice and Constitutional Development”

The mood of the ceremony was brought off by the 40-man Choir that is part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, who performed beautifully classic South African tunes.

the-johannesburg-metro-police-cThe Hon. Puneeth Dhamija, the Director of the House is more than satisfied to be presented with the award. “It was truly an honor for me to be awarded the award, which is truly unique.”

The opportunity to tour the House was available and the people jumped at it. Everyone was impressed by LRHs humane nature and enormous contributions to humanity and many wanted to invite their family and friends along for the tour and the grounds. The stunning architecture and the careful restoration of the house completely blew everyone’s minds.

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