Evoluderm celebrates 20th anniversary and transitions towards naturalness

Premium Beauty News – In 20 years, Evoluderm has become a leading brand in the affordable hygiene and beauty industry. What is the recipe for success?

Gabriel Aiach – Since we founded Evoluderm in 2004, our top priority has remained unchanged: offering consumers French hygiene and beauty products at reasonable prices. We achieve this by optimizing all purchases: raw materials, packaging, a limited number of suppliers, etc.

And we innovate! Evoluderm now counts over 225 products, divided into four categories – hair, face, body, and baby – and structured around key ingredients.

In 2006, we launched our argan range and its shampoo, which is one of our best-sellers now. In 2014, to speed up the pace of our launches, we set up our own R&D laboratory, which we expanded in 2023.

Then, 2015 saw the arrival of our micellar waters. Today, we sell one every 30 seconds worldwide. In 2020, during the pandemic, we made a major contribution to the production of hand sanitizer gels. Finally, in 2023, we launched our first serums, including the vitamin C serum, which was the fifth best-selling serum at the end of the year.

Lastly, as soon as 2019, we decided to provide consumers with the naturalness rate of our products. By 2025, we intend to offer at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin in 90% of our formulas. In addition, since 2020, 85% of our catalogue has been vegan, and we aim for 100% by 2025.

Premium Beauty News – How are you going to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary?

Nathalie Aiach – Evoluderm’s 20th anniversary is a great celebration that will take place throughout 2024. We have created a special logo that can be found on our communication materials. Until the end of the year, our eight bestsellers will be adorned with illustrations featuring Evoluderm women. Our advertizing campaign will start in April with a TV ad, followed by a poster campaign in Paris, in the metro and on buses, during the first half of 2024. We are currently finalizing the logistics for our flagship event: it will involve setting up trailers in different parts of Paris to meet our consumers. We also want to open the company’s doors, so they can see behind the scenes how their favourite products are made.

Premium Beauty News – What does Evoluderm have in store for us in terms of product launches?

Nathalie Aiach – At Cosmoprof, we showcased our brand new vitamin C range consisting of a serum released last year, a micellar water, a fabric mask, a cleansing gel and a micellar foam with a brush applicator. We are also expanding our Monoi range with two products much popular among our most loyal customers: a pure oil and an after-sun balm.

In addition, we have been working hard on a format that we did not previously offer: our skincare sets will be available in April 2024 from our supermarket partners. We have designed some superb displays to show them off.

We have also developed “ready-to-sell” displays for our 30-ml hand creams in pharmacies. Ultimately, we cannot wait to tell you about the launch of a new range in a completely new segment. It is planned for 2025.

Premium Beauty News – What are your next goals in terms of growth?

Gabriel Aiach – In 2023, Evoluderm generated 37% of its turnover in France, in supermarkets and pharmacies, with the latter accounting for 10% of the overall turnover. In addition, 15% of our sales in France are achieved online, on our website launched in 2019 and on several marketplaces.

We want to strengthen our presence on the global level. We are distributed in over 30,000 points of sale worldwide. Our number one export market, the United States, is our priority, along with Europe. We have been negotiating to integrate two major retail chains in the UK, and we aim to cross the borders with our German and Italian neighbours. That is a real challenge for us.

We would also like to set out again to conquer Asia, where we were starting to be well-established, particularly in China and South Korea, before the pandemic.

To achieve this, we need to continue to expand our teams, particularly our sales force, as well as our industrial equipment. Within the next two years, we want our turnover to exceed 50 million and, within five years, we aim to double that figure.

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