From Singapore to the World — Maison 21G’s Unstoppable Expansion

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As a captivating force in the world of bespoke perfumery, Maison 21G has enthralled scent enthusiasts worldwide with its visionary approach to fragrance creation where they empower customers to take charge of their fragrance journey. Now, the brand is elevating its ingenuity and passion to new heights, making waves with its relentless expansion into travel retail and new markets, particularly in China and Korea.

Venturing Into The Travel Retail Universe

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Maison 21G first embarked on a groundbreaking journey into Asia’s bustling travel retail landscape, marking a bold entry into The Shilla Duty-Free at Singapore’s Terminal 1 & 2, DFS Macau Four Seasons, and DFS Hysan Hong Kong. This expansion redefines luxury scent personalisation with an exquisite range of exclusive products, like the best creation sets, Petite collections discovery sets and the dual scented crayon, perfect for gifting and accompanying globetrotters on their adventures. Maison 21G offers an unparalleled sensory experience, inviting travellers and fragrance enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world where scent meets customisation.

Embracing the essence of self-creation, Maison 21G unveiled an extraordinary retail perfume collection that epitomises creativity and individuality. The house has meticulously crafted 9 sensational combinations like Sage Supreme- Ocean, Mimosa Mantra -Bergamot, Vetiver Virtuoso -Ginger, each carefully researched to ensure the perfect fragrance pairing perfect for fast on-the-go shopping.

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Brand founder and CEO Johanna Monange says, “Challenging conventions in the fragrance industry and empowering consumers to craft their distinctive signature scent has always been at the heart of Maison 21G. As we venture into the realm of travel retail, Maison 21G invites every traveller and trendsetter to embark on an extraordinary odyssey like never before!”

Building on its success in travel retail markets, Maison 21G further expanded into Hong Kong with a stunning travel retail boutique in DFS Causeway Bay and Shilla Hong Kong Airport. These strategic locations cater to both local residents and international travellers, offering an immersive olfactory experience with workshop booking and marking the brand’s first entrance into the China market.

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Maison 21G’s travel retail expansion does not stop there. The brand is set to open stores in key airports across Southeast Asia, including Kuala Lumpur Airport, Thailand, and the Philippines. These new locations will further solidify Maison 21G’s position as a global leader in luxury scent design, bringing its signature fragrances to discerning customers worldwide.

China is a coveted market that many brands aspire to enter, and Maison 21G has strategically used Travel Retail as its gateway into this dynamic region. Leveraging the success and heightened curiosity generated through Travel Retail, Maison 21G has established a strong foothold, captivating Chinese consumers with its innovative approach to fragrance creation.

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A significant milestone in Maison 21G’s journey is the upcoming experiential flagship store set to open in Shanghai’s French Concession in September. This flagship store aims to offer an immersive and luxurious scent experience, showcasing Maison 21G’s commitment to redefining the art of perfumery. Following the successful openings of flagship stores in Shenzhen and Hainan, the new Shanghai location promises to elevate the luxury retail experience in one of China’s most vibrant and historic districts.

The French Concession, known for its tree-lined streets and European-style architecture, provides the perfect backdrop for Maison 21G’s elegant and bespoke fragrance offerings. This new venture not only signifies Maison 21G’s expansion within China but also highlights its dedication to bringing personalized scent experiences to discerning customers worldwide. As Maison 21G continues to grow its presence in China, the brand remains focused on innovation and excellence.

The Shanghai flagship store will feature exclusive products and personalised scent creation workshops, allowing customers to delve deeper into the world of bespoke perfumery. With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, Maison 21G is set to make a lasting impression on the Chinese market, establishing itself as a leader in luxury scent design.

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Maison 21G is not only extending its reach with the Shanghai flagship but is actively seeking avenues to establish a foothold in other prominent Chinese cities, reaffirming its status as a leading fragrance destination. This strategic expansion mirrors Maison 21G’s aspiration to become a global emblem in luxury perfumery, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and distinction. Simultaneously, Maison 21G is forging significant partnerships within the Chinese market. From collaborating with the Four Seasons Hotel for High Tea to curating the scent design for Huawei stores, Maison 21G is cementing its presence in East Asia. Furthermore, its participation in Notes Shanghai, an extraordinary event for expanding fragrance brands in China, has garnered attention and acclaim, further bolstering its influence in the region.

Taking Korea by Storm

Moreover, Maison 21G has secured prestigious openings in South Korea, with flagship stores in department stores Lotte and Hyundai. These partnerships underscore Maison 21G’s commitment to delivering unparalleled scent experiences to customers in one of Asia’s most influential markets.

In addition to its geographical expansion, Maison 21G continues to innovate and collaborate. The brand recently unveiled exciting collaborations with famous influencers, further solidifying its status as a trendsetter in the world of luxury fragrance.

As Maison 21G continues to push boundaries and expand its reach, it remains dedicated to its core mission of creating bespoke scent experiences that elevate brands and captivate customers worldwide. With each new store opening and collaboration, Maison 21G reinforces its position as the go-to destination for luxury scent design.

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