Have Hong Kong’s iconic dai pai dong seen their last supper?

It’s a rainy day when we visit, the right weather for tucking into a bowl of their famous macaroni tomato soup which has over 20 toppings to choose from, including chicken wings, ham and bacon—I opt for beef, fried egg and sausage. When it arrives, I’m immediately taken back to my university days, where a can of soup and pasta would suffice. But this is special; the rich, tangy tomato soup, perfectly cooked macaroni, and random yet weirdly cohesive toppings touch my soul. To wash it all down, I order an iced Sprite with salted lemon. Angel says this is a typical Hong Kong drink, said to relieve coughs and sore throats.

One of the older ladies working the stall asks Angel why she’s drinking lemon water. She says she’s feeling under the weather, and the lady immediately takes her drink away, returning with a hot salted lemon drink. “This is much better for you,” she says, handing it to her.

“The aunts and uncles you see working here, once you get more familiar with them, they’re so friendly,” Angels tells me, with a big smile. “They remember what you ordered and you become one of their regulars.”

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