How Much Does ESPN+ Cost?

ESPN, which is 80% owned by Walt Disney Co. subsidiary ABC Inc., has about 26 million sports-loving U.S. subscribers to its ESPN+ streaming service.

How much does ESPN+ cost per month?

ESPN+ starts at a base price of $10.99 per month, and annual subscriptions are $109.99 a year, a savings of nearly $22. This price includes access to live sporting events, exclusive series and original programming found only on ESPN+.

Users also have the option to purchase pay-per-view events for an additional fee. For example, UFC PPV events cost $79.99 per event.

How much does ESPN+ cost with the Disney Bundle?

Streamers on a budget can bundle Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ with one of two options:

  • Disney Bundle Trio Basic ($14.99/month): Disney+ (with ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ (with ads).

  • Disney Bundle Trio Premium ($24.99/month): Disney+ (ad-free), Hulu (ad-free), and ESPN+ (with ads).

The Disney Bundle Trio Premium also allows users to download content to watch on the go.

Can I use ESPN+ to watch ESPN?

ESPN+ doesn’t allow you to access the traditional ESPN channel or its content. However, users can access an archive of past content, including the “30 for 30” library and game replays.

Is there an ad-free version of ESPN+?

While on-demand content is available without ads, all live content contains advertisements. That said, if you bundle ESPN+ with Hulu and Disney+, you can purchase the Trio Premium package that will allow you to watch the latter two platforms without ads.

How many devices can you stream ESPN+ on?

ESPN+ allows you to stream on up to five devices simultaneously. You can stream directly from the ESPN app or from on a supported device, including:

  • Apple iPhones or tablets.

  • Android phones and tablets.

  • Cox Contour Stream Player.

  • Xfinity Flex and X1 TV Box.

You can also stream from an Apple iPhone or tablet to an Apple TV using AirPlay.

How to give the gift of ESPN+

If you have a sports fan in your life, you can purchase a digital gift subscription card. A gift subscription to ESPN+ costs $109.99 and lasts for a year. The gift subscription card can be used only for ESPN+ and can’t be applied to PPV events or a Disney Bundle. Additionally, the recipient must be a new subscriber.

Sports that may fit your budget

Not sure whether ESPN+ will fit into your budget? First, do the math. You may want to consider a 50/30/20 approach to your household budget — 50% of your budget goes to your needs, 30% for wants, and 20% toward savings and debt repayment. You may find that ESPN+ can work, especially if you bundle multiple services to save money or have a credit card that offers rewards on streaming services.

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