JWoww’s tween has some strong feelings about her mom’s Jersey Shore outfits

If you haven’t already received your AARP card in the mail yet, your bones might physically crumble into dust when you realize that both Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley—aka Snooki and JWoww, for the uninformed—are now parents to tweens. (We know, we’re so sorry to break it to you.)

And like any parent of tweens can attest, they’ll tell you exactly how they feel about pretty much everything, something Farley is learning the hard way. Her 9-year-old daughter Meilani just spilled every thought she has about her mom’s signature Jersey Shore style on TikTok, and it’s the hilarious roasting that would humble any parent real quick.

In the first of the two-part series, Meilani rates her mom in cutoff denim shorts and a pink crop top on the infamous boardwalk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, during the show’s original run. Mom gives the look “10/10,” adding, “It’s giving greatness,” while Meilani quips, “It’s not okay. I give it, like, a 2/10.”

JWoww’s second look is an all-black ensemble with thigh-high boots along with her go-to cutoff shorts and cropped tee. “This one, it’s not giving,” she says, giving some credit to her mom’s boots and earrings. “Too much spray tan?” asks mom, with Meilani responding, “Way too much. Girlies, calm down. But the shirt and the pants,” she says, shaking her head and adding, “Never do that again. I give it, like, a 1/10. That is so bad.” Farley tries to defend her honor, adding, “It was high fashion.”

In a third photo, Farley can be seen posing with her best pal and co-star Snooki, wearing a teal dress that Meilani says is “giving Aladdin.” And in the final shot, the duo is posing with Sammi Giancola (aka Sammi Sweetheart), with the trio having used what looks like an entire can of hairspray for maximum volume. “This is giving cowboy,” says Meilani. “I like the jeans. The shirt and the boots are not giving. Especially the hair.” Her conclusion? “I’m upset with my mom’s style back then. I give it, like, a 3/10.”

If that wasn’t enough torture for Farley, Meilani followed-up with part two, and it’s just as brutal. Of JWoww’s glam red carpet look—a purple tube top sheath dress—she says, “It’s giving Barney the Dinosaur.”

In the next shot, Farley can be seen walking down the street in Italy with Polizzi, sporting their casual sightseeing looks. She’s wearing denim cutoffs, a pink t-shirt (not cropped), sneakers, and a big ‘ol hat, all of which Meilani says is “kind of giving.” But then, she grills her mom for using a paper map (!), adding, “the map is not giving at all.” Her mom politely reminds her that “there were no cell phones in ancient Rome,” and she calls her a “dinosaur.” (We’re deceased.)

Meilani also wasn’t a fan of her mom’s purple tube top and leggings look for the gym (another Barney-inspired ‘fit) or a white dress she wore for a TV appearance (“that looks horrible,” she says). Further proof that you can be one of the biggest pop culture icons of a generation and your kid will still find a way to roast the heck out of you.

All jokes aside, we think it’s too cute for words that Meilani is “besties” with Snooki’s 9-year-old daughter, Giovanna, and that her 7-year-old son is tight with Snooki’s 12-year-old son, Lorenzo. When they get older and watch Jersey Shore reruns, they’ll have ample material with which to tease their moms, but someday, we think they’ll learn to appreciate how iconic they truly are.

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