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Kanye West discusses the fallout of his antisemitic remarks

Kanye West has a comment to make after a week of financial loss due to antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews.

WmgLab Records shared a 16-minute video of the artist on YouTube Saturday. It appears that he addresses a group of bystanders and paparazzi outside as he leaves a building.

West stated to the small crowd that Adidas felt like they could just take my designs because everyone was ganging on me.”

He continued, “I feel like God is humbling” him. “Because of two things that are occurring. I often say “I am the richest Black male” to defend myself in a mental health conversation. “I’m being humbled right now.”

West addressed the backlash after he suggested in a podcast interview that George Floyd’s suicide was due to fentanyl.

He said, “When the idea for Black Lives Matter was announced, it made us all come together as one people.” “So, that’s what I said, and then I asked George Floyd about his death. It hurt my people. It was a hurtful incident for the Black community. So, I apologize for hurting them. God has shown me through Adidas and the media how it feels to have a knee placed on your neck. God, I am humbled and it was a great feeling to be able to share that experience with you. How could the richest Black man ever feel humbled if he was made to realize that he is not a billionaire just by commenting?

West also spoke out about his “exhaustion” from the reaction to wearing a MAGA cap that was misdiagnosed as a mental disorder. He refused to take medication that would have him “one step away” from Prince or Michael Jackson.

West stated, “At times like these, if I were on medication right now then one pill could be swapped and it would have to have been Michael Jackson, or Prince all over again.”

He also compared himself with Emmett Till who was brutally lynched at 14 in 1955. He said that he felt at times like Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr.

“I’m not worried. “Permanent,” West replied to a crowd member who asked him if he was concerned about his legacy. “God is still alive.”

In signs that were raised in Los Angeles and Jacksonville, Florida last weekend, anti-semitic protestors referred to West. The video shows West not apologizing for his antisemitic comments, but trying to distance himself from “hate groups”.

West closed his remarks with prayer by saying, “I have no association (gestures to himself) to any hate group.” “If hate is directed at any Jewish person, it must not be associated (gestures to him), because I demand that everyone walks in love.

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