Lessonia: A plant-based emulsi-gelling agent for silicone-like feeling

At in-cosmetics Global 2024, in Paris, the French manufacturer launched a new plant-based natural emulsi-gelling agent that is claimed ideal to formulate gel cream with silicone-like feeling. It offers a natural alternative to acrylate-based emulsifiers.

This fully natural plant extract named Alter-Emulgel is ideal to formulate emulsion (oil / water) with the texture and feeling of a gel cream. When used at 1.3%, no co-emulsifier is needed.

Depending on the oil percentage used, the emulsion’s texture can be fluid (between 5% and 10%), light (between 10% and 20%) or rich (between 20% and 25%). Alter-Emulgel is therefore a perfect fit in emulsions targeting young demographics, and combination or oily skins.

Silicon-like effect

According to Lessonia, the bright white gel cream obtained with Alter-Emulgel offers a typical silicone-like feeling during application.

In a sensorial study on a panel of experts, Alter-Emulgel showed a sensorial feeling similar and even better on certain parameters than emulsi-gelling agent based on acrylates,” said Lessonia in a statement.

Its sensory profile offers a very nice glide comfort with a quick penetration into the skin. After application, the study revealed an extreme softness with less sticky and oily effect.

Strong stability

Alter-Emulgel also shows strong stability in the 3 to 6 pH variation range. According to Lessonia, it is compatible with the use of electrolytes, preservatives, ethanol. It is easy to use in formulation, solubilizing very easily in aqueous phases without the need for pre-dispersing. Unlike emulsifier-gelling agents on the market, it does not need to be combined with a co-emulsifier.

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More details about new active ingredients are available in our special issue “Cosmetic Ingredients – April 2024”


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