Logan Paul's Energy Drink Company Accused of 'Forever Chemicals,' Excessive Caffeine in Class-Action Lawsuits

WWE wrestler and Prime Hydration co-founder Logan Paul has found himself in the middle of two class-action lawsuits that allege (separately) that Prime Hydration energy drinks contain more caffeine than advertised and that the beverages contain PFAS aka “forever chemicals.”

This week, Paul responded to the accusations on TikTok saying the lawsuits are based on “zero evidence.”

Why is Prime being sued?

In an April 8 lawsuit filed in New York, Paul and Prime Hydration LLC co-founder KSI were accused of “deceptive, and misleading practices” after testing commissioned by the plaintiff’s attorneys found that the 12-ounce cans of energy drinks contain between 215-225 milligrams of caffeine, instead of the 200 milligrams advertised.

The lawsuit states that the plaintiff purchased several of the blue raspberry-flavored Prime drinks in August 2022 and that she never would have done so had she known the true caffeine content. She’s seeking $5 million from Prime.

In a separate lawsuit filed in August 2023 in California, Prime is accused of containing PFAS, which are synthetic chemicals used in cleaning products, toiletries, and stain-resistant sprays that are not FDA-approved for consumption.

Per the lawsuit, PFAS was found through third-party testing that the grape flavor of Prime contains these chemicals. The plaintiff is seeking $5 million.

How did Paul and Prime respond?

In a TikTok video posted to Paul’s account late Wednesday, which has since garnered over 15.3 million views, the influencer slammed the allegations and denied that any Prime products contain any non-FDA approved chemicals or substances.

Paul clarified in the clip that the PFAS being referred to in the lawsuit are regarding the bottle that Prime is packaged in, not the actual liquid itself.

@loganpaul Addressing the PRIME accusations #ForeverHydrated @PRIME ♬ original sound – Logan Paul

“This ain’t a rinky-dink operation,” Paul said. “We use the top bottle manufacturers in the United States. All your favorite beverage brands… they use these companies. If the product is served in plastic, they make a bottle for them.”

He then doubled down and called the lawsuit “absolute bull” and claimed that the third-party testing was invalid.

“They’re claiming that Prime has 0.06 (parts per trillion),” Paul said regarding the testing. “But that’s interesting because the EPA says anything under 1.1 (parts per trillion) can not be deemed as reasonably accurate. They don’t have the right tools or resources to even prove what they’re claiming.”

Prime Hydration LLC did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment on either lawsuit.

Prime’s products are manufactured and distributed by Congo Brands, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

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