Remi chair by Boss Design

Dezeen Showroom: furniture company Boss Design has created a tub chair made from sustainably considered materials that references the shapes of flowers and shells.

The Remi chair is made from Bio-Pur injection moulded polyurethane foam, a renewable material derived from agricultural sources that has a carbon footprint 75 per cent lower than polyurethane foam made using fossil fuels, according to Boss Design.

Remi chair by Boss Design
Boss Design’s Remi chair is made from environmentally sound materials

The chair is supported by both an FSC-certified plywood frame and a steel frame and base, both of which are recyclable.

Boss Design aims to source all of the chair’s components from the UK, helping to lower the product’s carbon footprint by shortening supply chains.

Remi chair by Boss Design
It has a cosy tub-shaped appearance

“In harmony with its environmental credentials, the section comprising the chair’s back and arms was inspired by flowers opening in spring and conical seashells found on the beach,” said Boss Design.

“This wraps around a seat section, that rises like proving dough, filling the space and capped with a soft, rounded cushion.”

Users can choose between feet made from recycled plastic waste or a 360- or 180-swivel base, as well as from a range of fabrics for the upholstery.

Product details:

Product: Remi chair
Brand: Boss Design
Contact: [email protected]

Materials: Bio-Pur injection moulded polyurethane foam, plywood, steel, recycled plastic, fabric

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