San Francisco Bookstore Sends LGBTQ+ Books to Where They’ve Been Banned

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Indie bookstore Fabulosa Books — located in San Francisco’s historically queer Castro District — is running a program called “Books Not Bans.” Last May, Fabulosa’s Becka Robbins began raising money for the project, which uses customers’ donations to send LGBTQ+ books to places in the country where they’ve been banned.

So far, the books have made it to Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Florida, which has accounted for more than 40% of all book bans in the last year. Fabulosa Books’ program directly combats how many of the books being targeted in book ban attempts are LGBTQ+-centered — PEN America reports that 30% of books banned have been about nonwhite people, while 26% have been about LGBTQ+ people.

To donate to Books Not Bans, click here.

To read more about the initiative, visit AP News.

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