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Skincare secrets: A dermatologist reveals the best ways to maintain a youthful appearance of your skin

You don’t need to store all the potions, serums, gels, and other products that take up so much space in your bathroom cabinets.

One expert said that simple skin care is the best way to live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Fayne Frey, a West Nyack dermatologist with over three decades of experience, shared her top skin care tips in an interview.

These include strong sun protection.

Frey said that sunscreen is the only product necessary to have a healthy and youthful complexion.

She stated that sunscreen is the only product everyone should use 365 days per year.

It is the best anti-aging product available that promotes skin health and appearance.

Frey stressed the importance of sunscreen even in the winter.

Frey stated that while most beauty products, such as foundations or moisturizers, come with SPF protection, most women don’t use enough to get adequate protection.

She said, “I always recommend wearing sunscreen — an SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen — and then applying your makeup over it.”

“And apply it liberally.”

Frey stated that sun exposure can lead to pigmentation and fine wrinkles as we age. She recommends sunscreen for everyone.

The Skincare Hoax author and dermatologist explained that most people don’t need to follow a multi-step skincare routine.

The best skin care regimen is not found in a product, but in lifestyle choices made every day.

She said, “Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.”

She stressed that getting up early and exercising are good things.

She said, “The best things in your life don’t come inside a bottle or in a syringe, a tube, or a container.”

Frey said that she has seen thousands of women come to her office feeling guilty about their “minor” flaws, which are often highlighted by the media.

She said, “Marketing is powerful.” “And our cultural biases are a definition and representation of beauty that is impossible to attain for many people.”

Frey advised the public to be aware of skin care myths and to pay close attention to marketing labels for products that claim to be anti-aging.

She stated that science has not yet found any ingredient to reverse the aging process. It is irreversible and inevitable.

Based on a study in which half of 500 women had clean skin, the dermatologist said that she does not recommend using a cleanser to wash their faces.

She said, “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use cleanser or has skin problems because of it.”

Frey suggests that anyone with acne, inflammatory skin, or any other condition, particularly adolescents, see a dermatologist to provide high-quality skin care.

Frey suggested that you also keep Vaseline and a hydrating moisturizing moisturizer for dry skin in your cabinet.

She said that Petroleum jelly was the best skin care product available.

She said, “It’s great to really dry areas like elbows and knees. It’s also great for runaway eyebrows. Chafing on your nose when you have cold lips.

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