Stave chair by Farlam & Chandler and Bibbings & Hensby

Dezeen Showroom: British carpentry workshop Bibbings & Hensby has collaborated with garden design studio Farlam & Chandler to create a low wooden seat with whittled surface details.

Carefully handcrafted, the Stave chair is made from the timber of the sweet chestnut, a native tree that grows widely in southeast England and is highly resistant to the elements.

Stave chair by Farlam & Chandler and Bibbings & HensbyStave chair by Farlam & Chandler and Bibbings & Hensby
The Stave chair is handcrafted in the workshop of Bibbings & Hensby

Paired with bronze screws and feet – chosen due to the graceful way that the patina ages – the chair is intended to both withstand exposure to the elements and evolve in appearance over time.

A distinctive element of the Stave chair is the indented texture on the timber, which looks similar to the surface of hammered metal and which Bibbings & Hensby says is created using a meticulous carving technique.

Bibbings & HensbyBibbings & Hensby
It features a carved surface texture and bronze details

The company says that this irregular surface “dramatically catches the evening light”, making the chair a compelling addition to any garden setting.

Bibbings & Hensby and Farlam & Chandler plan to expand on the chair design in future and make it part of a wider Stave collection.

Product details:

Product: Stave chair
Designer: Farlam & Chandler and Bibbings & Hensby
Brand: Bibbings & Hensby
Contact: [email protected]

Material: British chestnut, bronze
Colours/finishes: natural chestnut, fumed chestnut
Dimensions: 750 x 845 x 795 millimetres – bespoke dimensions available

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