Stoelzle creates and decorates Charlotte Tilbury's perfume bottles (Puig)

Inspired by the six senses, Charlotte Tilbury’s new fragrance collection is infused with emotion-boosting molecules. The line includes six scents – Love Frequency, Magic Energy, Calm Bliss, More Sex, Cosmic Power, and Joyphoria – created with IFF perfumers Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, and Dominique Ropion. Barcelona’s headquartered Puig Group entrusted Stoelzle for the production and decoration of the 100 ml glass bottles.

Double UV hot stamping

The design of the bottles was inspired from 18th-century potions. The diamond-shaped cuts on each bottle echo the brand logo, creating a cohesive aesthetic. Each bottle mirrors the hues of gems such as morganite, ruby or aquamarine. The colours were meticulously crafted to evoke specific moods, with Joyphoria standing out in Charlotte Tilbury’s signature rose gold with its metallic finish, managed by Stoelzle’s UV decoration process.

Stoelzle achieved the decoration of this unique set of bottles with a double UV hot stamping technique, showcasing the brand and fragrance names in rose gold. Holographic hot stamping added intricate details, with only the metallic version featuring hot stamping for decoration and screen-printing for names.

Stoelzle’s double hot stamping technique overcame the challenge of precise decoration alignment. To meet exacting standards, spray and hot stamping decorations were sealed with a hydro-based transparent spray,” details the glassmaker in a statement.

Adding the finishing touch, a medallion placed below the neck collar enhances the bottle design. Collaboration with suppliers led to innovative solutions ensuring precise placement, with specialized tooling developed for the Stoelzle team to install the medallion correctly. Meticulous attention during the initial hot stamping ensured perfect placement, aligning with the crimp for a flawless finish.

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