Tennessee is the first state to cover up to 100 free diapers a month for children under 2

One of the most expensive things about having littles under 2 (and in some cases, older) is having to buy diapers. And in this economy, the prices feel astronomical. According to a study from the National Diaper Bank Network, infants, on average, require up to 12 diapers a day. This is about $100 per month per baby. And if someone is making federal minimum wage, this averages out to be about 8% of that person’s total income according to the Department of Health and Human Services. 

This insane cost hasn’t gone unnoticed and CNN reports that the Tennessee Medicaid program will soon provide free diapers for “covered children under the age of 2,” and it’s the first state to do so. 

According to a press release from TennCare, starting in August, Medicaid will cover the cost of up to 100 diapers a month for children under the age of 2 if the children are enrolled in “CoverKids, Tennessee’s Children’s Health Insurance program. 

Thankfully, TennCare already covers diapers and other “incontinence products” for people with “illnesses or conditions that impact their ability to control their bladder or bowels,” per CNN. 

Under this new program, parents can collect the diapers through participating pharmacies in the TennCare network, per CNN. The outlet noted according to the federal agency, “That will help in ‘preventing avoidable health care use and improving overall infant health.’”

On average, newborn babies require about 300 diapers per month, and toddlers can use around 150 diapers a month. The AAP notes that most U.S. parents will go through nearly 3,000 diapers during their baby’s first year alone.

CNN also noted another way to address diaper need, and that’s by investing in diaper banks. “A few states, namely California, New York and Washington, provide assistance to families to help make diapers more affordable, according to the network,” per the publication.

“TennCare can now proceed with finalizing key details for the diaper benefit and will provide further information on how to obtain diapers once the initiative is ready to launch. For further inquiries, please email [email protected],” per the press release.

“These new initiatives will ease financial burdens for families and ensure the well-being of TennCare’s youngest members,” the press release noted.

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