The ‘cozy sculpt’ fitness trend is IDEAL for moms

Finding time to work out or practice any form of self-care as a mom is, in a word, difficult. In my early days of parenting, it was a total dream if I could actually leave the house for a yoga class—and build in time to pump before (and pray that I didn’t leak in my sports bra). Sometimes, it’s just easier to stay in your sweats. 

But what if you’re still craving some movement? Megan Roup, celebrity trainer, founder of The Sculpt Society (TSS), and mom of two, fully gets it. She started doing her beloved TSS sculpt-focused workouts in her sweats or pajamas in the mornings, and was floored by the positive response from her community. And the “cozy sculpt” trend was born. 

“Being postpartum, I’m all about making sure I feel like the environment and the exercises feel supportive and gentle,” Roup shares, which is how the concept of cozy sculpt fitness came to be—it’s based on her own routine. “I carve out time in the morning before both of my daughters wake up to get in some movement. I always stay in my sweatpants and sweatshirt, make coffee and set up my workout area.” 

Roup noticed how majorly her videos were resonating with TSS fans, and ended up creating an entire collection of cozy sculpt workouts, filmed in her sweats and shared on the TSS platform. “They have been a huge success,” Roup says. “There’s something about seeing your instructor in their PJs/sweats that makes it a little easier to start a video and get a workout in.”

Ready to try cozy sculpt at home? Here are 4 reasons why the cozy sculpt trend is perfect for moms. 

It’s a low-pressure endeavor

Just like with “cozy cardio” before (cozy sculpt’s cousin), this is a no-pressure, minor-stakes situation. The goal? Keep the barrier to entry as low as possible. You don’t need to slip into your high-performance, super-wicking activewear to get your sweat on. You don’t even have to put on a sports bra or shoes. There’s no need to pull out any equipment beyond a yoga mat (or a cushy rug). You’re just using your own body weight, which makes it great for squeezing in a quick workout between feeding sessions or nap time. 

It’s easy to fit into your daily routine

“Creating a habit around movement is so important, but as moms we are REALLY busy—and for a lot of people, it feels overwhelming to move our bodies regularly,” Roup says. “I love that cozy cardio or cozy sculpts are a gentle way for those looking to incorporate a regular movement practice in a sustainable way.” Roup likes to work out in the am—which means you can check it off your list first thing while you’re still in your pajamas, rather than watching it get pushed further and further down the to-do list (been there!). Start with just 15 minutes of movement, and work your way up to longer stretches when you can carve out the time. 

It helps your mental health, too

Beyond the physical benefits of regular movement (increased energy, improved sleep), working out can boost your mental health, too. “Getting your body moving and good endorphins going will positively impact your day,” Roup reminds. “Any type of movement—whether it’s a walking pad or a cozy sculpt class—is going to impact your mental health.” Consider this one tool in your self-care arsenal to boost your mood and increase your resilience while lowering stress (so crucial as a parent).

It’s gentle enough for postpartum

Whether you’re just getting back into fitness after pregnancy or are new to mat-based workouts, the gentle nature of cozy sculpt classes is great for starting out. Being postpartum herself, Roup recognizes that this is a tender time. “I have a beginner cozy sculpt class called ‘Slow & Controlled Cozy Sculpt” that would be a great place to start,” Roup shares. “The workouts are perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a gentle workout.” Sign us up.

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