The Guide to Breeze Airways Seat Selection

Considering booking a flight on Breeze Airways?

To better understand its seating chart and when you may need to pay extra for specific seats, here’s an overview of selecting a seat on Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways seating chart and seat types

First things first: Breeze Airways is a budget airline that charges for everything from carry-on bags to seat selection to snacks, so if you prefer to choose your seat, expect to shell out a few extra bucks (or a few hundred depending on the options you select).

The Breeze Airways seating map is fairly simple. Depending on the type of aircraft, there are only two to three seating options.

  • All aircraft feature standard and extra legroom seats.

  • The A220 aircraft also have a Breeze Ascent section that offers a recliner-style seat.

Standard seats

The bulk of standard seating is in the back half of the plane with family seating, which is reserved for those traveling with kids 12 and under. Standard seats have 30 inches of legroom and USB power outlets.

Extra legroom

Before standard seating is the extra legroom zone, where every seat features 3 more inches of space to stretch out over standard. This seating class also includes a seatback screen with entertainment options.

Breeze Ascent

The Breeze Ascent zone is in the front of the plane where you typically find traditional first or business class seats. Indeed, this area is as close to business class as you’ll find on Breeze flights, with recliner-style seats, more legroom, power outlets and free snacks and drinks.

How to select a seat on Breeze

During booking

The easiest way to select a seat on a Breeze flight is during booking. There are two ways to do so: by choosing the Nice booking option and selecting and purchasing a seat for each direction of travel, or by purchasing a Nicer or Nicest Bundle, which include seat selection in the extra legroom or Breeze Ascent sections, respectively.

Nice: If you select the Nice booking option, you’ll be taken to a seat map with seating options labeled with their respective prices.

Nicer or Nicest: If you select the Nicer or Nicest bundles, the price for seats in the included sections (and every section below it) will show as $0. On this screen, you can select whichever seat you desire.

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If you opt not to choose a seat during booking, you’ll be assigned one randomly at check-in.

After booking

If you have already booked your flight but would like to add seat selection, you can even after you’ve checked in, if the seats you want are still available.

Just log into your Breeze account, navigate to the “My Trips” page, select your desired reservation and click “Add” or “Edit” next to the icon of a seat by each passenger’s name.

Repeat the process for each traveler on your reservation, save the changes and then check out to pay for your seat selection.

Breeze Airways seat selection fees

The price for seat selection depends on which section you wish to sit in and whether you’re purchasing seat selection alone or a Nicer or Nicest Bundle, which include seat selection in roomier zones.

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Beyond seat selection, the Nicer and Nicest bundles also include at least one checked bag and one carry-on.

The price to upgrade to a bundle depends on the aircraft and route you plan to fly. While a flight from Vermont to Orlando, Florida, might cost $80 to upgrade to a Nicer bundle, a flight from Colorado to California might be only $50.

Individual seats range in price.

  • $10 to $59 for a standard seat.

  • $30 to $99 for a seat with extra legroom.

  • $50 to $399 for a seat in the Breeze Ascent zone.

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If you both want more legroom and a checked or carry-on bag, a bundle could be a better deal than paying for these upgrades individually.

Breeze Airways seat selection recapped

Use the Breeze seat map to select a standard, extra legroom or Breeze Ascent seat (availability depends on route).

Purchase a seat a la carte or upgrade to a Nicer or Nicest bundle, which include seat selection as a perk.

You can add on seat selection during booking or after, even after you’ve checked in. But the sooner you decide, of course, the more options you’re likely to have.

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