The Morning After: Tinder's ‘rizz-first’ redesign just ruined rizz for everyone

Tinder is adding many new, pretty basic, features, including the profile prompts and basic info tags other dating apps, like Hinge or Bumble, have. Profile prompts, for example, are a long-standing feature on both, with Tinder users now able to share their responses to statements like “The first item on my bucket list is… ” or “Two truths and a lie.”

The dating app points to Gen Z’s responses in its recent Future of Dating report as motivation for the updates, saying: “At Tinder, we understand that connecting today is about authenticity, depth and the desire for connections that go beyond the surface.”

The company calls it a “rizz-first redesign,” which equates to these new prompts, zodiac sign info and… new animations. Is that rizz-first? I’m not sure it is.

— Mat Smith

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Major advertisers, including Apple, Disney, Paramount Global and Yaccarino’s former employer, NBCUniversal, pulled their ads from X last week, after the watchdog group’s report found ads from some of these brands ran next to pro-Nazi content on the website. It also came days after Musk publicly endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory as a response to a far-right X user.

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