“The Moroccan spirit cannot be daunted:” A report from Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains after the earthquake

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The High Atlas Mountains were the center of Morocco’s deadly earthquake. Villages in the region were reduced to rubble, and lives were lost. Author Alice Morrison, who lives in one of these villages, reports her and her neighbors’ experiences on the ground.

The Moroccan spirit cannot be daunted. On Monday, as I was walking past the tented camps of the now homeless in Asni, I was constantly invited to share hospitality. “Come and have tea with us, thank God for safety,” was a typical invite I heard.

Kids ran in and out of houses, or what was left of them, playing. One little boy giggled as I joined him in singing ‘Frere Jacques’ as he beat time with a stick on a plastic stool.

All of us are already starting to look to the future. Those who still have houses need to have them inspected and cleared for safety so they can go back. “I miss my home so badly,” Rachida, my neighbor, told me this morning, with her hand over her heart. Those who are homeless need to have proper shelter because winter is coming and it is brutally cold here. The Moroccan government and the international community are working hard.

I have had hundreds of messages of support from people around the world asking how they can support the people most affected. The concern and warm-heartedness are wonderful, and there are some very practical things people can do.

In the short term, a donation to The Intrepid Foundation Moroccan Earthquake Appeal would make a real difference. The Intrepid team in Morocco is working tirelessly to support those affected and you can help, too.

In the longer term, come and visit. Make Morocco your next destination. We need tourism to sustain businesses and families. Almost every household here in Imlil has someone working in tourism. The infrastructure is back up and running and visitors will boost morale, give a sense of purpose, and bring money into the mountains and the afflicted areas. We look forward to welcoming you.


You can help the people of Morocco by giving to the Intrepid Foundation’s Morocco Earthquake Appeal. Funds will be distributed to two long-term partners in the worst-hit part of Morocco, the Atlas Mountains. These funds will provide immediate relief for local communities that need it most.

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