The Shark AI robot vacuum and mop drops to a record low of $230 at Amazon

The Shark AI robot vacuum and mop combo unit at Amazon. This is a massive discount of 52 percent, which knocks nearly $250 off the price. It does look to be one of those deals that ends when the stock runs out, so you might want to act quickly instead of popping it on your wishlist.


This is a version of . The only difference between this robovac and the one that took the top spot is that this edition doesn’t come with a self-emptying base. That model, however, is also .

If you can get over the absence of the base, the Shark AI vacuum is a fantastic cleaning partner. It ticks all of the boxes. The suction power is fantastic, the obstacle avoidance is on point and it works with voice assistants like Alexa. It’s also a great mop, cleaning hard surfaces with 100 scrubs per minute.

We also enjoyed using the mobile app, which easily creates accurate maps of your space. The app can also be used to operate the vacuum when not at home, so you can return from work to find a freshly-cleaned living area. You can even set “no-go” zones for the robot to avoid, so it won’t mop carpet. The best robot vacuums are the ones that do their job without requiring constant surveillance, and this lil robovac consistently manages to get itself out of tight spots to continue cleaning. The AI in the name refers to obstacle avoidance.

There’s only one major downside, besides the lack of a base. This robovac/mop hybrid can get pretty loud when vacuuming, so you may want to schedule the book club meeting for somewhere else. Other than that, this is pretty much the perfect mid-range robot vacuum.

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