Walmart Is Making a Major Change to Its Price Displays in Thousands of Stores

A massive change is coming to thousands of Walmart stores across the country.

The retailer announced on Friday that it would be shifting away from paper shelf price tags in 2,300 stores over the next two years and opting to use digital price markers instead.

“Our pricing strategy remains Everyday Low Prices,” a Walmart spokesperson told Fox Business. Digital Shelf Labels are simply a new method to communicate pricing to the customer and a technology tool that assists associates with various tasks.

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With digital pricing, employees can seamlessly update prices and make changes, including markdowns, within minutes. The company clarified that this does not mean it will test a dynamic pricing model.

The digital shelving process will also help workers restock items or gather items for online orders with “Stock to Light” and “Pick to Light” features, which will light up the shelf space indicating that an item needs to be restocked or picked up.

“The transition to digital shelf labels is a game-changer for Walmart, our customers and our associates,” Walmart said in a company release. “It is not only about improving efficiency and customer satisfaction but also about integrating sustainability into our work, in this case, to help reduce operational waste.”

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Walmart had a strong Q1 for fiscal 2025, bringing in $161.5 billion in revenue, a 6% increase from the same time last year.

“Our strong results this quarter clearly demonstrate the power of our global omni-retail capabilities and the team’s ability to execute with discipline,” said John David Rainey, Walmart’s executive vice president and CFO, at the time. As we continue to reshape our business model, we’re focused on strategically investing in areas that reinforce our purpose and growth strategy.

The retailer was up over 30% year-over-year as of Friday afternoon.

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