Xbox Cloud Gaming finally supports keyboard and mouse inputs on web browsers

Microsoft just released a that finally brings mouse and keyboard support, after . The tool is currently in beta release and works with both the Edge and Chrome web browsers. It looks pretty simple to use. Just select a game that supports a mouse and keyboard and have at it.

You can also instantly switch between a mouse/keyboard combination to a standard controller by pressing the Xbox button on the controller or pressing a key on the keyboard. The company says it’ll be rolling out badges later in the month to alert users which games support mouse and keyboard inputs.

For now, there’s support for 26 games. These include blockbusters like ARK Survival Evolved, Halo Infinite and, of course, Fortnite. Smaller games like High on Life and Pentiment can also be controlled via mouse and keyboard. Check the above link for the full list.

Microsoft hasn’t said what took it so long to get this going. The feature was originally presumed to launch back in June of 2022, but we didn’t get a . No matter the reason, KBM setups are practically a requirement for first-person shooters and, well, better late than never.

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